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Beyond the tint: Dive deep into the
science & art of residential tinting.

Tailoring tint to your home style

Whether you have a contemporary, traditional, or eclectic home design, we tailor our solutions to complement and elevate your home’s aesthetics, ensuring the tint doesn’t just function, but also beautifies

Advanced Science
Behind Residential Tinting

Immerse yourself in the precision and intelligence behind our residential tinting solutions:

The core function of our residential films lies in their ability to regulate solar heat. Our films are layered with microscopic particles that either absorb or reflect solar radiation. When the sun’s heat strikes the window, a significant portion of it is reflected back outside due to the metallic components, while the rest is absorbed by the film’s layers, preventing it from passing into your room. This ensures your home maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature, reducing reliance on heating or cooling systems and subsequently cutting down on energy costs.

Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause harm. In terms of interiors, UV rays can cause furniture, flooring, and artwork to fade. For human skin, prolonged exposure can lead to issues like sunburn and other skin conditions. Our tints have been engineered to block up to 99% of these harmful UV rays. This is achieved through the use of UV inhibitors in the adhesive systems of the film. As sunlight hits the film, the harmful UV rays are absorbed and dispersed, preventing them from passing through.

One common misconception about window tints is that they darken rooms, making them gloomy. Our modern films are designed to be adaptive. By day, they ensure outside views remain clear, while preventing outsiders from peeking in. This is achieved by balancing the reflective properties and the visible light transmission levels. As night falls and the balance of light shifts, the tints continue to provide a level of interior privacy without compromising too much on your view of the outside world.

The Art of Perfect Tint Installation

Dive deep into our meticulous, client-centric approach

Every home tells a different story, and every homeowner has distinct needs. Our journey begins with a one-on-one discussion, where we immerse ourselves in understanding the nuances of your space and listening to your aspirations and concerns.

Leveraging our years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we carefully analyze factors such as your home’s orientation, surrounding environment, and your aesthetic desires. This allows us to tailor the perfect tint solution that harmonizes with both functional needs and visual elegance.

It’s not just tinting; it’s a craft for us. Armed with the industry’s best tools and trained in the latest techniques, our specialists ensure a flawless, bubble-free application that seamlessly blends with your windows. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures every corner, every edge is perfect.

A well-maintained tint lasts longer and performs better. Post-installation, we don’t just leave; we equip you with the know-how. From cleaning tips to recognizing early signs of wear, we ensure you’re well-informed to keep your tint in pristine condition for years to come.

Transform Your Home
with Our Master Craftsmanship

You’ve read about our dedication and precision. Now, it’s time to experience it. Begin your journey to a beautifully tinted home that reflects your style, protects your interiors, & saves you on energy costs. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

Understanding Tint Percentages Find Your Perfect Shade

Choosing the right tint percentage for your home windows is pivotal, not only for aesthetic appeal but also for functionality. The percentage refers to the Visible Light Transmission (VLT), which determines how much natural light can penetrate the tint. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best shade for your needs:

5-15% (Very Dark)
  • Why Choose This? Optimal privacy, exceptional glare reduction.
  • Best For: Sun-drenched rooms, south-facing windows, and home theaters where screen clarity is essential.
20-35% (Dark) Most Popular!
  • Why Choose This? Balanced privacy while maintaining a good amount of natural light.
  • Best For: Main living areas or bathrooms where you want the perfect blend of light and seclusion.
40-60% (Medium)
  • Why Choose This? Experience the benefits of heat and UV protection without compromising much on the daylight.
  • Best For: Spaces like north-facing rooms or anywhere you’d prefer a brighter ambiance with a touch of protection.
65-80% (Light)
  • Why Choose This? Minimal tinting but significant UV and slight heat reduction.
  • Best For: Living rooms, kitchens, or any space where the emphasis is on natural views with subtle protection.
80-90% (Very Light)
  • Why Choose This? Almost invisible protection. Primarily for UV defense without altering the window’s clarity.
  • Best For: Historic homes or any residence where maintaining a clear, natural view is a top priority.

Remember, the right VLT for your home may vary based on several factors, including your geographic location, the direction your windows face, and personal preferences. When in doubt, consult with our Atlas Tinting experts to guide you toward the ideal choice for your home.

Our Testimonial

Here from our happy customers

Anna S.
Anna S.
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I was concerned about my indoor plants, but the team at Atlas Tinting guided me through the entire process. Now, my home's cooler, and my plants are thriving!
Carlos V
Carlos V
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I was impressed by the detailed consultation. They not only installed the tints but also educated me on maintaining them.
Craig Siphron
Craig Siphron
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If you need any window tinting done quickly and with professional results you found your guys. Love the results. Don’t know why I waited so long.

Our Film Solutions 

Silver Reflective

Step into a world of pristine reflection. Our Silver Reflective film not only dazzles with its mirror-like finish but also excels in solar energy rejection, keeping interiors cool and comfortable.

Dual Reflective

Experience the best of both worlds. With a reflective exterior and a softer inner layer, this film offers optimal privacy during the day while preserving your view of the nighttime skyline.


Crafted using advanced metallizing processes, our Sputtered film stands as a testament to innovation. Enjoy superior heat and UV rejection without compromising on clarity and aesthetics.

Safety and Security

Peace of mind, sealed in a film. Engineered to strengthen glass, it acts as a resilient shield against accidents, break-ins, and natural disasters, ensuring your sanctuary remains untouched.


Guard against vandalism and everyday wear and tear. This film makes graffiti and paint easy to remove, ensuring your windows remain as pristine as the day they were installed.


For the unique and the extraordinary. Whether it's enhanced UV protection, color-tinting, or custom designs, our Specialty films cater to those distinct needs that go beyond the conventional.

Founder Message

Crafting the perfect tint isn’t just about enhancing a window – it’s about elevating every room, every memory created, every moment cherished. At Atlas Tinting, our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional service. We’re here to bring your vision to life, ensuring every pane reflects your aspirations and keeps your world protected