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Expert Tinting Solutions for
Arizona Homes & Businesses

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See Life Through a New Lens

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Expert Tinting Solutions for
Arizona Homes & Businesses

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Illuminate, Protect, & Elevate Your Space

Illuminate, Protect, & Elevate Your Space

Ever noticed the vibrant colors of your interiors fading, or been disrupted by that pesky sun glare on your screens? Do you yearn for a blend of natural light & privacy? Or perhaps you’re looking to cut down on those skyrocketing energy bills, all while giving your space a modern touch?

With Atlas Tinting, experience the ultimate harmony of form & function. Our premium window tints:

Our premium window tints:

what you cherish, blocking harmful UV rays that cause fading.


your indoor temperature, offering you comfort & significant energy savings.


your privacy remains intact, letting you bask in natural light without feeling exposed.


intrusive glares, so you can work, watch, and relax without the sun playing spoilsport.


the aesthetics of any room, adding a touch of modern elegance.


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Your spaces should reflect your needs, desires, and style. Let us help you craft that perfect ambiance.

our Services

Residential Tinting

Elevate your home's ambiance. Enjoy privacy, save energy, & shield your interiors from harmful UV rays.

Commercial Tinting

Empower your business. Enhance aesthetics, reduce glare, and cultivate a productive environment.

Specialty Tinting

Tailored for your unique needs. From decorative designs to advanced security solutions, we’ve got it all.

Window Cleaning Service

See the world more clearly. Our professional cleaning ensures streak-free, crystal clear windows for homes and businesses.

Here from our happy customers

Larry M
Larry MBusiness Owner
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Professional, efficient, and top-notch quality. Atlas Tinting transformed our office space!
Mia K
Mia KBusiness Owner
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Our office had a major issue with solar glare during peak hours, making it tough to focus. Thanks to Atlas Tinting, our workspace is now comfortable all day long even in the Arizona summer. Highly recommended!
Jeremy R
Jeremy RHomeowner
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They did a Great job tinting the all the windows in my home. Very professional work and now my utility bill is 50% lower. Highly recommend this company.

Our Film Solutions 

Silver Reflective

Step into a world of pristine reflection. Our Silver Reflective film not only dazzles with its mirror-like finish but also excels in solar energy rejection, keeping interiors cool and comfortable.

Dual Reflective

Experience the best of both worlds. With a reflective exterior and a softer inner layer, this film offers optimal privacy during the day while preserving your view of the nighttime skyline.


Crafted using advanced metallizing processes, our Sputtered film stands as a testament to innovation. Enjoy superior heat and UV rejection without compromising on clarity and aesthetics.

Safety and Security

Peace of mind, sealed in a film. Engineered to strengthen glass, it acts as a resilient shield against accidents, break-ins, and natural disasters, ensuring your sanctuary remains untouched.


Anti-GraffitiGuard against vandalism and everyday wear & tear. This film makes graffiti & paint easy to remove, ensuring your windows remain as pristine as the day they were installed.


For the unique and the extraordinary. Whether it's enhanced UV protection, color-tinting, or custom designs, our Specialty films cater to those distinct needs that go beyond the conventional.

Founder Message

Welcome to Atlas Window Tinting, a small family owned business based out of North Scottsdale.

What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. I believe in transparency, honesty, and integrity. That means no shortcuts, no hidden fees, just straightforward solutions tailored to your needs.  

As the founder, I’ve seen firsthand the difference quality window tint can make. It’s not just about the product and service, it’s the peace of mind knowing you’ve made a smart investment in your property’s comfort, privacy and energy efficiency.

Thank you for choosing Atlas. We look forward to enhancing your space and bringing our expertise to your windows.

Warm regards,

Lenny Winterburn

Founder, Atlas Window Tinting