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Tailoring tint to your Business Image

Every business has a unique brand and image it wishes to convey. Be it a corporate setting, a chic retail space, or a bustling restaurant – we adapt our tinting solutions to resonate with your business persona, ensuring aesthetics are at par with performance. 

Integrating Science
With Commercial Tinting

Grasp the precision and innovation we infuse into our commercial tinting

Commercial spaces often encompass larger areas, making climate control essential. Our tints play a pivotal role, reducing cooling costs during scorching Arizona summers and retaining warmth in the winter.

Office interiors, merchandise, and decor can fade with prolonged UV exposure. Our commercial tints negate up to 99% of UV rays, safeguarding your assets and ensuring an ambient work atmosphere.

A business thrives on the right balance between privacy and an open environment. Our tints offer gradients of visibility, ensuring confidential areas remain private, while common areas foster an inclusive feel.

Commercial Tinting: the Journey to Professional Excellence

Chart a course with us through a process meticulously designed to cater to business-specific needs:

Begin with a tailored consultation, as we immerse ourselves in understanding your company’s character, operational demands, and unique architectural challenges of your commercial space.

Equipped with insights and armed with experience spanning various sectors, we draft a custom tinting plan. This blueprint seamlessly fuses aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, ensuring the chosen solution resonates with your brand’s image and objectives.

Execution is where our craftsmanship truly shines. With an unwavering focus on precision, we ensure a seamless and swift installation, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

The journey doesn’t conclude post-installation. We organize information to train your facility’s care team, equipping them with best-in-class techniques and knowledge to uphold the integrity and appearance of your new tinted facade.

Elevate Your Business Ambiance with Atlas Tinting

Experience the transformative power of professional tinting. Harness the benefits of UV protection, energy savings, and a brand-aligned look for your commercial space. Demand nothing short of excellence

Understanding Tint Percentages for Commercial Spaces Tailoring to Your Business Needs

Selecting the correct tint percentage for your commercial establishment is not only about aesthetics but also about optimizing functionality. The percentage indicates the Visible Light Transmission (VLT), which assesses the amount of natural light the tint allows through. Here’s a guide to assist in choosing the ideal shade tailored for business settings:

5-15% (Very Dark)
  • Benefits: Ensures maximum privacy and significantly reduces glare.
  • Ideal For: Conference rooms, private offices, and areas requiring screen projection where clarity is crucial.
20-35% (Dark)
  • Benefits: Provides a balanced level of privacy without sacrificing much natural light
  • Ideal For: General workspaces, lobbies, or areas where moderate privacy is necessary without creating a cloistered environment.
40-60% (Medium)
  • Benefits: Enjoy protection from UV rays and heat without severely diminishing daylight.
  • Ideal For: Cafeterias, breakout areas, or spaces where a comfortable ambiance is sought with an element of UV protection.
65-80% (Light)
  • Benefits: Light tinting that offers UV protection and a slight reduction in heat.
  • Ideal For: Showrooms, atriums, or any commercial areas where preserving a near-natural view is essential, with a layer of protective benefits.
80-90% (Very Light)
  • Benefits: Almost transparent protection, chiefly for UV shielding without impacting the window’s visual clarity.
  • Ideal For: Corporate headquarters, galleries, or commercial spaces prioritizing an unhindered, clear view with subtle protection.

It’s essential to note that the most fitting VLT for your establishment might differ depending on numerous factors, such as geographic location, architectural design, or the business type. Dont feel overwhelmed, reach out to our Atlas Tinting specialists, always ready to guide you towards the optimal choice for your commercial space

Our Testimonial

Here from our happy customers

Rachel M.
Rachel M.
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Our office has never looked better. The tints have added a touch of class, and the energy bills have noticeably reduced. Kudos to Atlas Tinting!
Chef Adrian L
Chef Adrian L
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op-notch service! They understood the unique requirements of my restaurant and delivered beyond expectations
Selena Joseph
Selena Joseph
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Lenny and his partner did a great job tinting my living room and bed room windows, we no longer have a glare in the mornings and sunsets and I fell like we have a lot more privacy now!

Our Film Solutions 

Silver Reflective

Step into a world of pristine reflection. Our Silver Reflective film not only dazzles with its mirror-like finish but also excels in solar energy rejection, keeping interiors cool and comfortable.

Dual Reflective

Experience the best of both worlds. With a reflective exterior and a softer inner layer, this film offers optimal privacy during the day while preserving your view of the nighttime skyline.


Crafted using advanced metallizing processes, our Sputtered film stands as a testament to innovation. Enjoy superior heat and UV rejection without compromising on clarity and aesthetics.

Safety and Security

Peace of mind, sealed in a film. Engineered to strengthen glass, it acts as a resilient shield against accidents, break-ins, and natural disasters, ensuring your sanctuary remains untouched.


Guard against vandalism and everyday wear & tear. This film makes graffiti & paint easy to remove, ensuring your windows remain as pristine as the day they were installed.


For the unique and the extraordinary. Whether it's enhanced UV protection, color-tinting, or custom designs, our Specialty films cater to those distinct needs that go beyond the conventional.

Founder Message

Crafting the perfect tint isn’t just about enhancing a window – it’s about elevating every room, every memory created, every moment cherished. At Atlas Tinting, our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional service. We’re here to bring your vision to life, ensuring every pane reflects your aspirations and keeps your world protected