Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions. Please contact us if you'd like more details about how window tinting and what we can do for you.

Is Window Tint Legal in Arizona?

Yes it is legal. Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Arizona, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window.

In the front side windows, your tint must allow in 33% of the light. In the back side and rear windows, any darkness of tint can be used.

Will Window Tint Protect My Interior?

Yes, it will! Vehicle interiors fade and crack largely because of UV (Ultraviolet) light.  All of the window tint that is installed by us rejects nearly all UV light.  This means that your interior will stay bright and last longer all while protecting your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Will My Mobile Phone Reception Be Affected By Installing Window Film?

It’s possbile in some cases. One of the differences between store-bought films and professional grade films is that the pro films have metallic particles suspended in them to add strength and durability.  On the downside, this metal degrades most types of RF signals.  Mobile phone service in particular can diminish noticeably.  We offers a great solution for this.  We offer a full line of “Electronics Friendly (EF)” window films.  These films use a special plastic material that gives the film strength and durability while not impacting RF signals in the least.  These films look every bit as appealing as the standard films offered at Atlas Tinting.  Be sure to ask about our EF films.

Why Do My Windows Look Foggy Immediately after Tinting?

Window tint is added to glass that has been coated with a special liquid.  This allows that tint to be moved around and positioned properly.  Once in place, the film is squeegeed  extensively to remove as much of this moisture as possible but some is ALWAYS left behind.  This is what you see in the glass when you pick up your vehicle.  Over time (usually 1-2 weeks), this will evaporate as the tint cures to the glass.

Why Do I Have To Wait To Roll Down My Windows After They Are Tinted?

Yes, it’s a very good idea to wait two weeks. Mainly because of the second part of the answer above.  There is a thin layer of moisture between the glass and the film when the installation is completed.  This evaporates as the tint cures to the glass.  Rolling the windows down too soon can cause the tint to buckle or peel.  The amount of time required before you can roll the windows down varies depending upon the weather.  If the humidity is low and the sun is shining, it make only take a few days.  During overcast, rainy times, it could be as long as 2 weeks.